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Lichtenvoorde and its floral parade

The flowers and Holland are two easily associable concepts. The tulips in particular, but the colorful fields generally are undisputed emblem of the Netherlands. It is for that reason that numerous floral parades are organized in different cities, at diverse times of the year, to celebrate events as the local arrival of the spring or celebrations with great unfolding.

The cars win the streets and the inhabitants put all their persistence in preparing the decorations more spectacular than they can imagine. Music and the joy seize of the spirits of the place. Zundert and Bollenstreek are two exemplary cases.

Lichtenvoordse is another good example of this. One is a city near plantations of flowers, with a market where the diverse traditional species of Holland can be acquired.

The name of Lichtenvoordse derives from the immense rock located in the main place of the city, that has a stone lion carved located in the top. Every year, a parade floral takes place in this site to receive the arrival of the spring.

The Bloemencorso Lichtenvoorde, or floral parade of Lichtenvoordse, will be developed to east year 2009 between Sunday 13 and Tuesday 15 of September. Nothing less than nineteen floats will constitute the procession that will cross the city in company of six bands, ordered to put rate to the event.

Before the parade, in Lichtenvoorde one gets used to realizing a spectacle known like the old woman times, that exhibit cars, motorcycles and railroads to steam of old times. In addition, as it is to imagine, the market extends its phantom of supply to offer to the visitors infinity of options at the time of buying local products: foods, crafts and, of course, flowers.

The celebration culminates with a fireworks spectacle.

Desgraciadament, and in dates thus, so typical, is much more difficult to find lodging, and no longer we say cheap flights, reason why we advised to you, that if you must travel in those dates, or you want to know these celebrations floral you think, it with sufficient advance and you reserve in time.

Practical information

• Entrance: adults, 6 €; minors up to 11 years, free.

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