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Place Vrijthof, the Maastricht

“Event of tasting? is a good form to translate the meaning of Preuvenemint literally: where Preuve means to taste and evenemint, event. To be more exact, Preuvenemint is a gastronomical event of 4 days that is developed in the Dutch city of the Maastricht, and that congregates multitudes.

During the month of August, thousands of people meet in the Maastricht to participate in this peculiar event in which the food and the drink (especially the wine) abound. Along and to wide it of the Vrijthof place, several tens of positions offer to the visitors all type of local delights, accompanied by music live.

This year 2009, Preuvenemint will take place from Thursday 27 and to Sunday 30 of August. So that, if you are of good for eating and you like to enjoy the gastronomy, this it is the indicated event.

Vrijthof is the central place of the Maastricht, and the scene where all the Preuvenemint in the course of the 4 days of the last weekend of August is developed. But, who are those that install their positions there to offer most delicious prescriptions?

In fact, enough it is varied. So much is important restaurants as of small establishments, like bars and specialized stores of foods. In order to be able to taste his products, it is necessary to acquire vouchers pre-payments, of which it will be discounted the price (generally, considerably cheap), of the subjects of gossip and consumed drinks.

, The more of course exclusive they are the prescriptions and the more fine the plates, the more fast will be reduced the credit of voucher, called preuvene-lappe locally.

Practical information

     · Schedules: Thursday 27, from 18 to 02 hs. ; Friday 28, from 16 to 02 hs. ; Saturday 29, from 14 to 02 hs. ; Sunday, from 12 to 00 hs.
     · Email:

Photo Via: Andre Rieu Fans

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