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Construído on the Maas river, that crosses the city of Rotterdam, Bridge ERASMUS, is considered an excellent architectonic work modern. Its figure tightened, but as well slim has caused that gained the nickname of “the Swan?.

Its design had to the creativity of Horseradish tree van Berkel, and the conclusion of the work just was in 1996. The idea of this young architect of Amsterdam was to surprise with a construction of “flat and functional? design, turning an infrastructure work into a true sample of art.

Preparation constructively to support conditions of operation with particularly strong winds was equipped with an effective system of shock shock absorbers.

Structurally, throughout their 808 meters in length, two sections represented are distinguished in him by: a tower of asymmetric height of 139 meters, and a located drawbridge in the South section that has 89 meters and that allows the passage of the ships whose height does not allow to do it below the bridge. Here it is worth to clarify that this tilted section is the heavier major and of Europe of the West.

City-planning speaking we can say that it represents the industrial roll of Rotterdam, but acts as as well to unite the North and South zones of the city, being articulated the flows of merchandize and people between both zones.

Inaugurated by Reina Beatriz in 1996 it invites to be visited by all that one tourist who wishes to contemplate the symbiosis between the elegance with the binomial “concrete-steel?, a symbol that manages to merge during the day its special bluish illumination with the bottom of the sky, causing that everything is an imperceptible unit.

Nevertheless, during the night, also the illumination is the one in charge to equip it with autonomy and organization, with a shining white light that causes that it is distinguished to far.
The impressive thing of its beauty turns to Bridge ERASMUS into a forced visit to value the enormous investment of 75 million Euros that have been shaped in him.

Photo Via: Frame and Form

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