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The night of Reina, events in Holland

The very famous Day of Reina that is celebrated each 30 of April, commemorating the birthday of Princess Juliana (mother of Reina Beatriz) has a correlate nocturne. And it could not be of another way in a city like Amsterdam, of which never usually says that to duer to me.

Nevertheless, she is not the unique privileged scene of the call Night of Reina (or Koninginnenacht, in Dutch), that also meets in The Hague with numerous musical events, concerts and spectacles especially destined to youth.

Live music, celebrations, bars abiertos until high hours of the dawn and the streets flooded of color and joy are the infaltables components at night of Reina, where it wants that it is celebrated.

The origins of the Koninginnenacht go back at the beginning of the Nineties, when it began to implement itself in The Hague. In truth, one was a solution for the inconvenient crescents that were had more with the exacerbated participants of the Day of Reina, which they used to cause to disturbances every year.

So that, to avoid these excesses during the previous night, one seted out to replace the return to house to early hours by a celebration that extended until no longer they were energies more than to go away to sleep, instead of to do violence to the celebrations of the following day.

At present, several thousands of visitors (if reserves in time you can secure to cheap flights and supplies of hotels in The Hague to enjoy this so peculiar celebration) arrive at this city and other important ones of Holland to comprise of this event that nowadays nothing has of violent nor dangerous, but is really a great celebration, and an interesting opportunity to enjoy live music and the cultural interchange the local inhabitants.

In Amsterdam, also it can see, next to the young people who travel from a bar to other to take advantage of the most possible night, to the Dutch that they prepare his markets for the following day.

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