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Parade of Flowers of Bollenstreek

The concept of the parades of flowers definitively is not limited Holland, but in no other place so many floral exhibitions can be seen, so full of colorful and that they cause as much expectation as in this country. Each of these parades, that are called “privateering?, has its history and are typically Dutch.

In Holland a called area “Bollenstreek? exists, that is the producing major of flowers, whose parade of this type is first of the year in all the country. He does about fifty years, became several processions in the towns of this so beautiful and colorful place, but their organizers decided to be united and to create a great parade. From that time one has become the presentation of products of this region.

The 25 of April of the next year to the 9:30 in the morning, the parade of the flowers of Bollenstreek will leave from the city of Noordwijk to cross its route of near 40 kilometers that happen through the main avenues of the populations of the region, arriving at night at Haarlem for the 9.

Parade of flowers of Bollenstreek

This beautiful full parade of color and festive atmosphere, will have 20 giant floats and more than thirty decorated automobiles of luxury for the occasion, in the middle of which several bands will go military. In addition to side and side to the street, there will be sufficient space so that the thousands of as much local spectators as foreign that they attend this awaited event they can see it without problems.

The previous night, these same floats and automobiles will march past wonderfully illuminated by the city of Noordwijk. To the following day they will do the same by Haarlem and they will be in exhibition throughout the following day there, so that the tourists have the opportunity to detail them and to take photos with them.

Photo 1 Via: Hans Vink
Photo 2 Via: aloxe

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  1. hello step to leave a greeting and to leave this that Holland is a beautiful country since it has very talented and pleasant people, I hope that Mexico is his 2da house

    Commentary by GUSTAVO
    08-07-2010 @ 6:05 a.m.

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