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Christmas market the Maastricht

We already had to them counted of some Christmas markets in Holland, nevertheless every day leave more plans and small things than to visit at these times near Christmas, in addition to be useful and to finish buying those gifts and decorations of these celebrations that still make lack.


This city is very good to realize the Christmas purchases. During the two weeks previous to Christmas, the streets are illuminated and they are decorated with reasons for these festivals and diverse activities are realized that go from the theater winter nocturne and the championship of carving in ice to the Christmas market. The area to make purchases in this city is the fifth most important one in Holland.

In this same city from the 6 of December to the 18 of January of 2009, in the Museum outdoors the winter is celebrated. In the park of this museum and accountants of histories can be enjoyed several activities like iceskating, among others, by only 12 Euros for adults 8,50 for children of 4 to 12 years.

Castle of Middachten (Of Steeg)

Or one has become all a tradition many people to visit this beautiful castle that is decorated, or for 20 years consecutive, with Christmas reasons. The rooms and halls this castle beautifully are decorated and in the outskirts candles and torches can be seen burning themselves and creating a great atmosphere for the season. This year to the decoration branches of fresh flowers were added that give a different touch him. It is necessary to be useful to take new ideas from decoration to our houses.

Christmas in Holland


There the Festival of Mariken Winter is realized and is one of the most important events of that city in the season. It is realized in the Valkhof Park and it offers a great Christmas atmosphere with decorations and a great number of activities that include an iceskating track and stands that offers Christmas presents and meals.

The Maastricht

The tenth edition of Winterland the Maastricht is realized that goes from the last days of December to the first weeks of January. The Virjthof small square in that city becomes to give life him to a small Christmas world with a wheel of the fortune, a Christmas market, a track of iceskating, a merry-go-round and a Christmas train. There it is possible to be enjoyed famous gluhwein, that is hot red wine, as well as other typical drinks and meals.


In this small city, that is located near Rotterdam, one of the greater and special Christmas markets of Holland can be found. There the visitors walk under thousand of lights and gigantic Christmas trees and between the positions that are in the different streets and dedicated places from the sales of in center historical season of Dordrecht.


The historical center of this city is transformed every year into a species of Christmas city. There it is possible to be visited the beautiful market dedicated to Christmas and to be attended the Dickens Festival, where several personages left novels of the writer can be seen.

Practical information:

Next I leave a Web you where you will be able to try to locate some cheap trips that help you to know Holland in these magical dates. You enjoy that it! 

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