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Each 30 of April, the birthday of queen Beatriz is celebrated in Holland, although in fact this day is not the one of their birth. One is the birthday of his mother, the princess Juliana, who reigned when the S-event was instituted like National Celebration, in 1980.

All the country is imprisoned of the joy and jolgorio in this day, but in Amsterdam the more spectacular series of events of all is developed without doubts. The celebration overwhelms the streets and all dress in color orange, with the painted faces and without no intention to go away to sleep at night of the eve.

The street sale extends everywhere, and the streets are clogged completely, becoming an authentic flea market outdoors. Nobody would have to try to enter car the city in this day: only the street car is a form possible to accede to the center of Amsterdam.

The bands touch in the corners and the multitudes crowd around themselves around them, to enjoy gratuitous spectacles and in company friendly and relatives. The street artists realize all theater luck of pantomimas and representations, that dazzle to the premises and tourists the same.

In the Vondelpark park, an exclusive commerce for children unfolds. It is already a very traditional custom, and offers innumerable options so that smallest they are amused in great during the festivals.

Numerous boats cross the city by their channels in this day, and allow to observe the celebration from the water. All the boats altogether are an interesting picture, composed of old woman, modern, colorful ships and of all the imaginable types, that of passengers and usually sail closely together of the other, by the great demand that arises suddenly.

The festive spirit of Amsterdam, always very arranged to let itself take, is very clear in these celebrations, and he is worth the pain well to enjoy next to the Dutch of the birthday of his monarch, but as always we commented cuanod to you is celebrations that are very popular, before you consult with your travel agencies the dates, because they are days in which the reserves of hotels usually are difficult to obtain. You obtain if it and you are present in this celebration, enhorabuena, and, by all means, long life to the queen!

Photo Via: DutchAmsterdam

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