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Aalsmeer Floral Parade

During the month of September, three distinguishing elements of the Dutch culture will be put outdoors of relief like protagonists of the main events that will be realized in diverse cities of the national territory. The flowers, the mills and the sea will be the axes of the diversion.

The 6 of September, like every year by this time, the Floral Parade of Aalsmeer will take place. Early in the morning, it will begin the unfolding of color and joy, that will flood the streets of this city that is located 20 km to the south of Amsterdam.

The ones in charge to produce the floral adjustments work everything during hours from the day Thursday, during the call Night of Aalsmeer. Until midnight, these talented artists will know to make the most beautiful floats of carnival. Who they are present at this moment of preparations they can participate and help the craftsmen who will work with patience and dedication to do of the parade most shining of the events.

During the day Friday, the parade goes to downtown and the adjustments culminate when falling the night. On the following day, to 8,30 in the morning, the route begins towards Amsterdam. The goal is the Olympic Stage, where a musical event with an interesting program will be developed. At night, a spectacle of boats and an impressive fireworks sample will close the parade.

In the week of 1º to the 6 of September, the mills of Kinderdijk, most famous of all Holland, will be illuminated at dusk. This event, that begins to 20,00 and culminates to 23,00 hs., offers an unforgettable and typical postcard of the Dutch culture, besides a wonderful landscape.

It is by all the well-known special relation of Holland with the sea. In the port of Rotterdam, one of greatest of the world, will be realized between days 5 and of 7 September the World-wide Festival of the Port. Numerous activities will be developed in this frame, each of them with cultural and educative aims, and the entertainments include strolls in boat, demonstrations of aviation and an ample variety of spectacles in the water and its environs.

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