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Amsterdam International Fashion Week, week of the fashion, 2008.

Week the International of the Fashion, in Amsterdam

The great preparations for the events of July and August already are in march. Multitudes of all the places of the world will congregate themselves in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague to give life in fashion, the celebration and the color that will unfold in their streets. Not to lose it.

The Week the International of the Fashion will be developed in Amsterdam from the 19 to the 28 of 2008 July. Inspired by the analogous events that periodically take place in Milan, New York and Paris, this annual event will include exhibitions and spectacles in several points of the city. Businesses and creativity are combined in the world of the fashion, and give rise to numerous celebrations, seminaries and, of course, parades with great unfolding in which beautiful hundreds of and guapísimos models will shine the latest in the world-wide tendencies.

For more information, the official page of the event can be visited. And they ten in account that as much the flights to Amsterdam as the hotels in Amsterdam, mainly in so near days in the beginning of a so important event, you have to reserve them as soon as possible.

And if to take the exclusive models that will be exhibited in Amsterdam it is necessary to make some adjustments to the silhouette, what better than to visit Rotterdam the 9 of August and to participate in the Fit For Free Dance Parade - in Spanish it would be the “Entrénese Festival Free? -, that will turn the streets of the city into an enormous track of dance.

This great celebration of the dance will begin in center by the afternoons of Rotterdam, and will participate thousand in people and 40 typical floats of the tradition of the carnival. All are guests!

More data? … In the official page, clearly.

As if the brightness of the fashion and the floats were not sufficient, from the 14 to the 16 of August the Festival will take place the Fireworks International of Scheveningen, in The Hague. The lights will draw the sky during the competition in which several groups will participate, representing their countries of origin. The spectacle can be enjoyed in the streets, from the beach or in the coffees outdoors that abound in the city.

Three magnificent cities, three full events of color and diversion for all the pleasures. What can more be asked to him to Holland?

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