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If there is something characterizes to the Dutch capital, that without a doubt is the intense nighttime activities that are developed in its streets. Next, some outstanding bars and discotheques, for all the public.

Bimhuis, bar Amsterdam

Bimhuis, in Amsterdam.

- The Bimhuis is famous by the many concerts - approximately 200 per year that take place in their interior, true windows to Dutch and international music. They emphasize the musical improvisations and the bands of jazz. It agrees ahead of time to reserve, especially to Thursdays, Friday and Saturdays, that are when the spectacles are realized. The prices oscillate between the 12 and 18 Euros. Address: Piet Heinkade 3.

- Escape is one of the most famous discotheques of Amsterdam. Between its attractiveness they count the participation of DJs national and international, the celebrations and events that are organized there and the occasions into which its track of dance in an iceskating track is transformed. This enormous premises have capacity for 2000 people. Address: Rembrandplein 11.

- The Exit Club is essentially a club gay, but it allows the heterosexual enter. It is characterized to offer more than nothing music MGP and tecno. Gay of Amsterdam is in the street, where diverse hotels, coffees, stores and other premises are dedicated especially to the homosexual public. Address: Reguliersdwarsstraat 42.

- Who they wish to listen to music funk, surely they will enjoy one night in Back Door, the ample premises in which it is not taken place by the overcrowding of contenders. Address: Amstelstraat 32. It is arrived in street cars 4, 9, 14 and 20.

- Sinners in heaven is the modern premises. Its style varies according to the day: there Thursdays, meet to the lovers of hip hop; Fridays, can be enjoyed best classic the disc. Address: Wagenstraat 3-7. It is arrived in the same street cars that take to Back Door.

These are only some of the options to enjoy at night in Amsterdam, that abound in each street, in each corner of the most sleepwalker city of the world.

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