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Houses Bucket in Rotterdam

Great part of downtown of Rotterdam was destroyed by the German pumps in 1940. Some old buildings were saved, or they were reconstructed in World War II. But the planners of the city wanted to watch towards the future, instead of to try to repeat the past. Since then, Rotterdam has become a seed plot of the modern architecture.

The most famous examples of the architecture of Rotterdam are the Kuwusboningen, or Houses Bucket, constructed in the decade of 1980. It is possible to be visited what a Cube Show is called, to see how one lives in a house with walls and inclined windows. Next to them one is the Central Library, also of the decade of 1980, and the Blaaktoren, of Piet Blom, the same architect who design the Houses Bucket, well-known also like the Pencil Tower.

The Eramusbrug, or Bridge of ERASMUS, crosses the Maas river from downtown to Whilelminaplein, next to the Terminal of Cruises of Rotterdam. This bridge was constructed in 1996, and counts on a section for the passage of great boats.

Rotterdam counts on dozens of other buildings and structures. In the 2007 it was designated like City of the Architecture, in which enhancement occurred to a total of 40 buildings. You still can pediros in any Office of Tourism of Rotterdam a form of the visits that became on the occasion of that one occasion.

Sonneveld House

Acercaros to also visit the Institute of Architecture of the Netherlands, with three great exhibition halls and a file of history exceeds how it has changed to the urban space of Rotterdam and other Dutch cities. The following visit could be Sonneveld House, a hypermodern house of the decade of 1930, with many new features for that one time.

The Information center of Rotterdam has many photos, models and exhibitions on the architecture of Rotterdam and its projects of urban development. The entrance is gratuitous, and the building is easy to find. It is in the district of purchases, Coolsingel 197, near the great stores of C & A.

If we spoke of the art in Rotterdam, logically we must ourselves refer its museums, although it has much more in the city that museums and galleries. When taking a walk by Rotterdam we will see many examples of daily art, like the Bicycle of Multiseat.

Every month of February, in the Terminal of Cruises of Rotterdam, the Fair takes place the International of Art of the Netherlands. In her tens of work of galleries of art of countries like the United States imagine, China and the rest of Europe.

As you see, it is worth the pain to make an artistic and architectonic route by Rotterdam. The lovers of the modern buildings you will be enchanted in this way.

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