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Two programs that take place in Holland distinguish by their originality and multiperspectividad. Lowlands Paradise - or the Paradise of the Countries Bajos- and Crossing Border combines different artistic disciplines and events from very personal mark in a joviality frame and joy that turns out surprising to experiment.

Camping of Lowlands Fest

Camping of Lowlands Paradise

The Paradise of the Netherlands is a progressive festival to open doors that extends throughout three days, and has its axis in alternative music. Also it offers comedy samples stand-up, visual projection of films, arts, Literature and street theater.

The own characteristic of this S-event that it takes place in a “exclusively mounted city? for such aim. In half of the Dutch territory, during the three days of August in that Lowlands Paradise passes, a town of 55,000 inhabitants constitutes itself with several hundreds of artistic performances, bars, restaurants, a market, campings with showers, radio station, edition of a newspaper and an own currency. Everything is there to enjoy the art expressions, in this spontaneous city divided in three areas and eight scenes.

Crossing Border combines Literature, music, cinema and visual arts in center cultural of The Hague. Writers, poets, musicians, directors and artists transform themselves into the attention center during one week of November.

During years, the most important writers of international Literature have met in Crossing Border. The program includes readings, interviews and to char them with the illustrious personages who concur there. Names like Norman Mailer, David Mitchel and Irvine Welsh have come together in this event.
The music spectacles that are offered conjugate diverse styles for all the tastes, under a characteristic common: quality superior. Placebo, Coldplay and Greco Juliette are some of the outstanding names that have left their track in the spectacle and its hearing.

The recitación activities are an own ingredient of Crossing Border: the artists face their public only the letters of their subjects, without music accompanies that them, and the result usually is stirring and extreme-original interpretations.

Short films, premiers, new productions and poetic histories are projected during the event.

Crossing Borders puts emphasis in discovering new artists and to emphasize the new discoveries in music and Literature, and its connection with other arts. The simultaneous occurrence of the performances on the different scenes allows the hearing to construct their own festival.

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