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Before traveling to Holland one it has the idea that when arriving it is going there to see many tulips and many mills. It is certain, when you return you come with that same idea, you have seen many tulips and many mills. He is the typical thing, no. Nevertheless, to the pintoresquismo of the tulips and the mills another one of the great symbols of Holland, its cheeses is added to him.

And it is that for that as I like to savor a good cheese, in Holland you are going to find a true paradise. Certainly it will sound the Gouda cheese to you, truth. Clear that yes, she is one of the varieties of cheeses that come first the mind when we spoke of them. Then the cheese of Gouda is Dutch, original indeed of the Dutch city of Gouda.

You cannot nor be imagined the flavorful thing that it is east cheese in anyone of the terraces of the own city of Gouda. They prove there it to any hour, even in the breakfast. For that they do not have any repairs… In addition, already of step, you can visit Gouda, a precious place.

Another one of the varieties more known cheeses in Holland is the one of Edam, the oldest cheese of the country. Typical round cheese, like the Gouda, its name comes from the city of Edam, a cheese that is very popular mainly in the countries of the north of Europe. In Holland they serve it to you accompanied as fruits, mainly pears and apples, although I prefer to eat it with bread, and a wine glass of Pinot-Noir.

Another one of the great ones known is the Maasdam, a cheese made with cow milk and that, if you do not pay attention well, will seem to you very similar to the Gouda, mainly because when fermenting form its characteristic holes. This cheese melted in toasted bread is a true delight that you are due to ask in any bar of Holland.

Indeed in the Museum of the Cheese of the city of Alkmaar, one of the great producers, you can be found out of how the cheeses are elaborated and because they leave its classic agujeritos to him. There are other varieties of known cheeses less than the previous ones, like the Leerdammer, the Mimolette or the Roomano. If you have the opportunity, acercaros to some cheese market in Holland and to enjoy the atmosphere.

Photo Via Sindy Nero

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  1. The cheeses of Holland are the best ones of the world, from boy I have eaten those cheeses, I decide to me that papa gave to him and for us he was something incommensurable.
    Greetings from Lima, Peru.

    Commentary by David
    24-07-2010 @ 4:17 p.m.

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