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There are many typical plates of Holland that we can try during our trip. Generally, it is a gastronomy little refined and nothing ostentatious and usually she is fresh, it heals and generous. Beginning by the most homemade stews, like stampoot and all variants, and arriving at exotic rijsttafel Indonesian, inheritance of the colonial time, there is all a series of meals that podeis not to stop trying.

To eat herrings is very habitual, like all the products of the sea, and also he is very habitual in Amsterdam. They use in positions in the street, but also in restaurants. In brine and of a mouthful, thus it is as the herrings eat the Dutch.

The best place to prove fish smoky is the zone of the Zuiderzee or IJssel lake where besides enjoying the wonderful view of the lake and its colorful towns poseis to leave with the filled good belly.

And soon it is, by all means, the cheese. For those who the names of Gouda or Edam bring to the mind the delicious flavor to them of the cheese, they must know that they are also precious cities that there are to visit in a trip Dutch earth.

The Dutch cheese has world-wide fame. Gouda is elaborated in the south, and edam in the north and can more or less be cured, to election of the palate of each and the food with which it is going away to accompany. Also maasdam is cnocido, with its characteristic holes.

, Nevertheless golosos they will prefer Dutch candies. Pannekoek is like crêpe watered with sirope of beet. In the zone of Delft also they are made poffertjes, that eats I warm up. Also there is much variety of chocolates and chocolates and spice rolls sweet, but also salty.

- Practical Information:

  • If you buy cheese like souvenir the best thing it is than you ask that they package it to you to the emptiness and thus it will arrive in perfect state.
  • The Dutch usually eat in house, reason why it is quite difficult to find restaurants with traditional plates.
  • Some 20,30 restaurants to h no longer let enter more clients, but he is not the habitual thing. That yes, in the majority 22.oo h is the hour limit to have dinner.

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