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Bitterballen is the name of snack very typical of Holland that is consumed in bars, coffees and restaurants of great cities and small towns. Its name in Spanish would be bitter Balls, and it is fried croquettes that usually become of meat of cow or cheese.

The Dutch gastronomy, with its influence of diverse countries, also combines foreign flavors, and is why it is possible to be found bitterballen with curry or nut nutmeg, besides the traditional western condiments.

These delicious croquettes are extremely versatile, and is why it is very habitual that are placed them in the table to different hours from the day, in different meals. They are consumed like appetizer or support of a coffee or a beer, following the occasion. They are very simple to do, so that here the prescription goes.

BITTERBALLEN (meat croquettes)

Ingredients (many of them accept variable amounts according to the taste of the companions at table)

• 300 grs. of cooked bovine meat
• 60 grs. of butter
• 60 grs. of flour
• broth of baking of the meat
• salt and pepper to pleasure
• nut nutmeg
• very fine perforated parsley
• curry dust
• bread crumb
• egg
• oil of sunflower to fry

Difficulty: simple


• To cut the meat cooked in very small pieces.
• In a container, to mix melted butter and the broth of baking of the meat, and soon to incorporate spices (curry, parsley, nut nutmeg, salt and pepper). This will be the sauce whereupon bitterballen they will be seasoned them.
• In another container, to place the meat, to mix with an egg and to dust with flour until a consistent mass forms.
• With the mass of meat, to form small balls with the hands of so large equal among them.
• To dim them with the bread crumb.
• To warm up the oil in a strong fire frying pan and soon to lower it to fry the meat balls.
• To fry few simultaneously bitterballen of a (not more than three or four, following the size of the frying pan).
• To extract with well-taken care of when they are sea breams of both sides and curing with absorbent paper of kitchen.
• In a casserole, to warm up the well-taken care of sauce with of which it is not burned and being they bitterballen incorporating them.
• To serve high temperature.

Photo Via: John Casey Worldwide

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