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Chicken to the grass

Since we have indicated in several occasions, the Dutch gastronomy is a traditional prescription combination of Holland and the influence exerted by the foreign kitchen.

In this case, the subject of gossip that I propose to you today lets clearly glimpse the importance of the Eastern gastronomy. The abundance of condiments and the use of grass as the marjoram and rosemary give us especially rules of which this prescription presents/displays foreign influence.

This plate of simple elaboration (to be a prescription that includes meat) is in flavorful truth and shines very well with little effort of decoration. If you want to be or in a food with guests, or simply to surprise your family apartándote of the routine, I recommend to you you prove that it. We see the prescription.



• 8 thighs and 8 wings of chicken
• 75 grs. of butter
• 1 lemon
• dry rosemary
• dry marjoram
• flour
• tomato sauce
• mayonnaise
• mustard
• salt and pepper

Difficulty: average.


• To mix in a container butter with the grass and a spoonful of lemon game.
• To grease the chicken with this preparation.
• To season with salt and pepper to pleasure.
• To place in a asadera and to take to the furnace with high fire.
• When it acquires a coloration sea bream, to retire and to give to return the portions of chicken.
• To take to the furnace and to retire again when it has been gilded.
• To dust with flour, to dampen with a boiling water spurt and to return to the furnace.
• To let cook to moderate fire until he is tender.
• To retire and to place the chicken in a source to serve.
• To clear the fat of the asadera with lemon juice and to spill on the chicken.
• To serve with sauce as tomato and mayonnaise mixed with mustard.

Photo Via: Prescription of the diet of the points

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