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Nasi, a indonesa prescription in Holland

It is necessary to recognize it: the gastronomy of Holland is characterized for being the synthesis of infinity of combined foreign influences with some particularitities of the local kitchen.

As much it is so the subject of gossip that today we presented/displayed is in truth typically of Indonesia, but nobody can deny that one is of the most consumed in Holland. One is the delicious Nasi, a prescription of rice fried seasoned with sweet and sharp flavors.

To elaborate requires it of some quite specific ingredients that can cost a little to obtain, but nothing that cannot be solved with care. The preparation in itself has several steps, although if quick attention to the practical consejitos surely you will be able to surprise relatives or friendly with an original and delicious plate. We see then the prescription.

NASI (fried rice)


• 340 grs. of rice
• 1 onion
• 1 carrot
• Oil in necessary amount
• 300 grs. of minced meat of good quality (as far as possible, that it does not have fat or that has very little)
• 500 grs. of fresh mushrooms
• 1 saquito to make sauce of peanuts
• 1 saquito of condiments for the Nasi (it is obtained like Bumbu Sesaté)
• 1 coat of galletitas of prawn
• soybean sauce (optional)
• 4 hard eggs

Difficulty: average.


• To place oil in a frying pan and to warm up to strong fire.
• To lower the fire and to incorporate the already bare onion and the carrot and bites, so that they are gilded.
• In a pot, to boil the rice until one has cooked well. Soon to strain it and to let it rest in the covered pot about 15 minutes.
• Once sea breams the onion and the carrot, to add the minced meat, until it acquires solid consistency.
• To incorporate the mushrooms, cut in fine slices. To leave in the fire under minutes, until everything acquires a baking degree that allows to distinguish the ingredients well.
• Then to place the boiled rice immediately (it must be cold, so that one does not stick) and, the sauce of peanuts and the condiment for Nasi.
• At the time of serving, it is accompanied with a hard egg by companion at table, cakes of prawn and, for wishes that it, sauce of soybean.

Photo Via: Nurul Rahman

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