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Haring, crude herring of Holland

The other people's gastronomical customs are an inexhaustible source of surprise. By peculiar that is, in Holland it is very common to consume crude fish…. Its privileged proximity to the sea causes that the herring is one of the spread fish more, and is known like Haring the subject of gossip includes that it without baking some.

The Haring can eat in pieces, accompanied of perforated onions (also crude) and gherkin slices pickle, or only eat and whole number. In this one last case, the custom is to take it by the tail, to put it upon the face and to devour it from the head. Another option is to eat it in broodje, sandwich, generally with rye bread.

An interesting variant is the Zure Haring, that is herring conserved in natural vinegar, onion, salt, pepper, junípero and other spices that give an incomparable flavor him. Also call Zure Bom exists something, that is a gherkin coiled in a herring, both in conserve.

The Haring secures and consumes the year throughout, thanks to the present methods of freezing, that allow to conserve the fish that only can obtain itself from the previous sea to the summer.

Nevertheless, the great moment of the herring is at the end of May, when the arrival of maatjesharing is celebrated, the herring that as soon as it has one or two weeks to be congealed and that tells on a fat content from the 16 26%.

However, where can be consumed this crude fish? There are numerous options. From the most exclusive restaurants to the street positions they offer the different variants from Haring, each aiming at a different public in a particular situation.

Of course, this subject of gossip is for people with resistant palate or a very good predisposition to prove things new and strangers, those peculiar to whom it gets passionate to him to really deepen in the culture and customs of the places that they cross in his trips. Nevertheless, really it is worth the pain to try it, as much at gastronomical level as cultural. So it is the importance of the Haring that in the beach of The Hague, Scheveningen, is a sculpture that pays tribute to him.

Photo Via: Schepop

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  1. Where I can cofollow herring in Mexico?

    Commentary by Harald Feldhaus
    14-12-2009 @ 2:44 a.m.

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