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Put grates on cake

Influenced by the gastronomy of diverse places of the world, the Dutch have a very ample gastronomical culture, and for that reason the combination of flavors and forms that you can find in the record of a restaurant are infinite.

If you like candies, the trip to Holland cannot let of side the experience taste some of the many traditional desserts that are prepared there. The Dutch Cake is of most interesting not only savoring but also preparing it.

Indeed, one is a prescription that, although it takes something of work, does not require of majors kitchen knowledge, and anyone in time and patience to dedicate to him can do a dessert exquisite following the steps. So that we see the prescription.



For the mass:

• 200 grs. of flour
• 80 grs. of sugar
• 100 grs. of soft butter
• 1 pinch of salt
• 1/2 cdita. of dust to hornear
• 1 egg
• 1 yolk
• ralladura of lemon
• raspberry candy
• 2 apples

For the filling:

• 3 yolks
• 2 cdas. of water
• 100 grs. of sugar
• ralladura of average lemon
• 50 grs. of ralladas nuts
• 300 grs. of flour
• 75 grs. of melted butter
• 1/2 cdita. of dust to hornear
• 3 clear ones of egg

Difficulty: average.


For the mass:

• On the clean pulled one, dry and it fries, to place the flour forming a spiral.
• In means, to dust the sugar, the butter, the salt and the dust to hornear.
• To mix little by little towards outside.
• To incorporate the egg, the yolk and the ralladura of lemon.
• To form the mass and to stretch it on the pulled one.
• To place the majority in a tartera, leaving a part for later in another container.
• To scatter on the bottom the raspberry candy.
• To cut thin lamina apples and to arrange them on the candy.

For the filling:

• To beat the yolks with water and sugar.
• To add the ralladura of lemon, the nuts, the flour, the dust to hornear and the butter, mixing slowly to avoid the grumos.
• To beat clear to point the snow.
• To incorporate them and revolver.

• To place the filling on apples, in the tartera.
• With the mass that was left aside, to make the grating.
• To take to moderate furnace about 45 minutes.

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