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Poffertjes, a Dutch candy

The Poffertjes is like pancakes in miniature, that is elaborated in a special frying pan, although also can one use one's wits them to make them caseritos. They are enough more candies than pancake, and have the particularitity to be crisp and gilded by outside whereas they remain smooth and spongy on the inside.

The Dutch kitchen prescribes that the elaboration of these poffertjes requires of equal amount of flour of wheat and flour of sarraceno wheat, and although this is a gentleness that we can avoid, most recommendable is to try it with the exact ingredients, at least in an occasion.

The way to eat them is very familiar and costumbrista, since they are consumed as they become (leaving they cool off just a little bit, clearly). One accompanies by strawberries, molasses or beaten cream, and are a true delight. Here I leave the prescription you.



• 250 grs. of flour
• 1 egg
• 2 cditas. of leavening
• 300 ml of milk
• butter in necessary amount
• 1 pinch of salt
• sugar glasé in necessary amount

Difficulty: average.


• In a great container, to place the flour and the salt, and to mix.
• To put milk to the fire to entibiar it, but without it boils.
• To clear of the fire, to add the leavening, removing so that one dissolves.
• In the container with flour, to realize a hole in center and to spill there milk slowly, mixing with the nearest parts of the flour and taking the movement towards outside, until finishing milk and incorporating it totally.
• To beat the egg and to also add it little by little.
• To cover the preparation with a rag and to let rest about 40 minutes, so that it raises.
• To spill the preparation in a frying pan with hollows or a normal one, trying to form balls with her. A small bucket can be very useful.
• To fry in oil of both sides until they acquire a coloration sea bream, and when retiring to immediately dust them with sugar glasé.

Consejito: as you are clearing of the frying pan the Poffjertes, it agrees to place them a little while on paper absorbent, so that they eliminate something of oil and they are lighter.

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