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Dutch Salmigundi prescription

The Dutch Salmigundi is an excellent companion of red meats, but also a good option to eat like main subject of gossip. Also it can use like appetizer, and is an interesting option for a light dinner.

It is elaborated with rabanitos, marinaded lettuce, Popes and to Dutch cheese, that is to say, that cheese of semisoft consistency is added and compacts, without holes. Most traditional they are those of Gouda and those of Edam, two beautiful ingrained costumary cities where this milky product has the great protagonism.

We see, then, the prescription to enjoy the delicious Dutch Salmigundi.



• 1 kg of Popes
• 8 cdas. of vinegar
• salt and pepper to pleasure
• ½ cup of vegetable broth
• 6 cdas. of oil
• 200 grs. of Dutch cheese
• 1 tied of rabanitos
• 1 plant of lettuce
• parsley and/or cebollín to pleasure

Difficulty: simple.


• To put the Popes without peeling in a pot with abundant water and boiling.
• To extract them when they have cooked and to peel them while they are hot.
• To cut in slices.
• In a casserole to make sauce place the broth, the vinegar, the oil, the salt and the pepper.
• To take to moderate fire minutes soon until it thickens and to spill on the hot Popes.
• To leave preparation it cools off to room temperature.
• To wash the rabanitos and to cut them in fine slices.
• To peel and to cut the cheese in dices.
• To prick the parsley or cebollín.
• To add to the rabanitos and the cheese on the Popes.
• To wash the lettuce leaves and to place them in a salad bowl as a mattress, being covered all the bottom.
• To scatter the salad of Popes above decorated and to dust with cebollín or the perforated parsley.

Photo Via: Pasqualino net

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