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Dutch Tosta, with smoky salmon 

Then, to see, what can have of special in simple tosta? Moment, not to underestimate to the creativity of the Dutch gastronomy, because their prescriptions always are able to surprise to us, and this case is not the exception.

The combination of flavors and colors of this delicious sandwich, as well as their delicate ingredients turn, it into an option with style to present/display like snack without losing the elegance.

Its preparation is very simple, but they are perfect at the time of presenting/displaying them in the table to entertain the guests or simply to vary the food of every day and surprising the family. And nor to speak of its incomparable flavor! So that, to innovate a little, the prescription goes here.


Ingredients (for one tosta/for a person approx)

       · 1 slice of bread
       · 2 eggs
       · 15 gr. of butter
       · 1 loncha of smoky salmon
       · milk cream in necessary amount
       · salt and pepper to pleasure

Difficulty: simple.


       · To melt butter, preferably to bath Maria.
       · To beat eggs in a container and to incorporate them to butter when she is perfectly liquid.
       · To dust with a pinch of salt and another one of pepper.
       · To remove the mixture until it is dumbfounded.
       · To incorporate a chorrito of milk cream.
       · To grease the bread of both sides with the preparation and soon to extend envelope he it loncha of salmon.
       · To again spill a good amount of the mixture and to take to the furnace.

Consejito: so that the bread is crisper, it is possible to be fried before hornear it, or directly to fry it and adding the salmon immediately.

Data: loncha of salmon can comply on the bread of diverse forms. Totally extended, with leftovers in both sides, cut in two halves and puttings one on the other, coiled or, if it is advisable, distributed on two slices of bread, something a little complicated at the time of serving, but a good option to the aim.

Photo Via: Varna food

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