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Speculaas is the name of very traditional Christmas cakes in Holland and some zones of its bordering countries. For example, in Belgium one knows them like Spekulatius, and also they are typical in Westfalia, Germany.

And you will say to me, what has happened with my calendar who I am presenting/displaying Christmas cakes at this point of March. Then the answer is that there are flavors that do not have date to enjoy them, mainly if is foreign prescriptions, because nobody will watch to us with surprised face of we prepared if them in a while little conventional.

What makes special to the Speculaas is the form that they acquire. In order to cut them, are used molds with Christmas forms, and usually are sold in the markets of Christmas during November and December. Luckily, we do not have to hope to undertake trips to Holland. Next, the prescription.



  • 3 flour cups
  • a slice of leavening
  • 2/3 butter cup
  • 1/2 brown sugar cup
  • 1 chorrito of milk
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1/2 cup of bare almonds

Difficulty: average.


  • To place in a container the flour, butter and the leavening, and to unite with the hands until incorporating the ingredients.
  • To add the sugar little by little, to be able to mix it with facility, and to add milk in small amounts when the mass becomes hardened too much.
  • To prick the almonds and to incorporate them to the mixture.
  • Finally, to dust with a salt pinch (to heighten the dulzura of the preparation).
  • To place the mass receives a enharinada surface and to knead until it acquires a consistency uniforms and smooth.
  • To stretch to secure a compact and thin mass (although not too much, because it increases little due to the low content of leavening).
  • With Christmas molds (if it corresponds) or of any other form, to trim the galletitas and to place them in a source for furnace.
  • To take to the furnace 180ºC until they are gilded.

Photo Via: Allegaartje

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