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Some days of October, 30 of November, and not to fall asleep because December happens soon and not it can formulate plans with hours of anticipation to receive the new year that begins. A proposal: to give the welcome to the 2009 to the best Dutch style.

The Oliebollen - literal translation: oil balls are delicious sweet pancitos, well simple to prepare, and that will leave enchanted the companions at table. Their origins go back to the tradition of the Germanic tribes, who each solstice of winter (exactly, between the 26 of December and the 6 of January) celebrated Yule.

During these celebrations, the God Perchta embarks course to the sky of the winter, and the buns fried in oil without a doubt were of aid to protect themselves of the Nordic cold. Surrounded by I haul of history and mythology, the Oliebollen invites to us to amuse to us preparing the mass with smallest of the family, and to enjoy their characteristic flavor.

Next, the prescription:



  • 500 gr. of wheat flour
  • 1 leavening envelope
  • ½ liter of milk
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 2 eggs
  • A chorrito of vanilla essence
  • 250 gr. of grapes you pass and/or apple small pieces, to election
  • 300 ml of maize or sunflower oil
  • Impalpable sugar

Difficulty: average.


  • To put the grapes you happen in lukewarm water soaking during approximately one hour.
  • To place the flour in a bowl and to add milk, the essence of vanilla, the leavening, eggs and the salt.
  • To mix until a homogenous mass forms and to add the grapes or the pieces of apple.
  • To cover the bowl with paper transparent film.
  • To let rest to room temperature during approximately 45 minutes, so that the mass increases.
  • To warm up the oil in a casserole.
  • When the mass has reached the double of its original size, to open the bowl with well-taken care of of which too much does not move.
  • With a spoon to serve ice cream or two spoons (always shrunk in hot oil) to retire small balls of mass and to place inside the casserole.
  • To gild of both sides, to retire and to place in a source on several layers of kitchen paper, so that it absorbs the oil surplus.
  • To serve in a tray and to dust with impalpable sugar to pleasure.

Note: they are possible at the same time to be placed several Oilebollen, always taking care of of that do not stick to each other, and not forgetting which were first!

And welcome 2009!

Photo Via: Holland Courier

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  1. Please, somebody can translate me this prescription? I have bought a preparation to make Oliebollen and I do not know like. Anticipated thanks

    1 pack koopmans completes mix voor oliebollen
    2 eieren
    3 dl koud to water
    olie om in bakken to you (bijvoorbeeld zonnebloemolie) (gebruik zo geen frituurvet voorkomt or een witte aanslag op afgekoelde oliebollen)

    Laat in heet een friteuse of olie worden tot circa 190º C
    Doe of mix in vruchtenmelange in een beslagkom. Maximaal Gebruik 2 pakken tegelijk
    Voeg of eieren in het to water toe
    To nibble het geheel met een handgarde of to mixer met deeghaken in maximaal 1 minuut tot een beslag
    Begin direct met het bakken als of olie of juiste temperatuur heft (zie tip)
    Vorm met een oliebollentang/ijstang of met twee eetlepels bolletjes beslag
    Laat of bolletjes in of jete olie glijden
    BAK of oliebollen in 7 - 8 make a draft to gaaar in rondom goudbruin
    Neem of oliebollen met een schuimspaan olie ITU (als of heet oliebollen to donker zijn to you is of olie you)
    Laat ze in een vergiet of op to keukenpapier uitlekken in serveer of oliebollen met to poedersuiker.

    Or kunt jeet is controleren of of temperatuur go of olie voldoende door een korstje brood met een lepel in of olie onder dompelen to you. Het korstje dient dicht schroeien to you. Wanneer of olie gaat walmen, olie is you heel.

    Commentary by Jeff
    18-01-2009 @ 11:37 p.m.
  2. Hello Jeff:

    You can use the tool of language of google to translate it. You will find it in (It remembers to put that it translates of Dutch Spanish to you).


    Commentary by Carmen Marquez
    19-01-2009 @ 6:21 a.m.
  3. Carmen thanks!

    Indeed I did therefore it and it gave east result me:

    Requirement 1 package complete book of account mixes until dl oliebollen 2 egg man frigid water petroleum until inside inside fritada (for example zonnebloemolie) (way a deep fat not to thus fryer to warn you an ingenious spent touch afgekoelde oliebollen) Delayed Process inside fried a named petroleum return until round 190º Do Hacer mixes and vruchtenmelange inside gratuities. Way maximum 2 Time) simultaneously Seam the egg man and the water arrives until Rudder totally with handgarde if beater with deeghaken maximum 1 minutes inside until straight Treshold gratuities with the fritada one when petroleum correct the temperature tree zie warning) Form with oliebollentang glacial period if with two spoon Delayed roll gratuities the roll inside jete petroleum to slip container oliebollen 7 8 minutes inside to gaaar and by all sides goudbruin Time) oliebollen with skimming getting up petroleum (when they oliebollen darkness inside one' s are petroleum inside named they) Delayed inside a strainer if spent to keukenpapier to transpirar and montaplatos they oliebollen with dusty sugar. Warning YOU bark to verify if the temperature with petroleum jeet is enough by a scab inside sweeps with a spoonful petroleum while inside plunge. The heavy scab should inside to singe. When it wants that petroleum goes walmen, it is petroleum inside totally.

    Frankly it has been impossible to find 2 eggs of frigid man and petroleum me. Good… jokes separate, since you will have seen, the Internet translators are not always useful. To see if some charitable soul with knowledge of Dutch makes use to me. Thanks again, Carmen.

    Commentary by Jeff
    19-01-2009 @ 11:33 p.m.
  4. Jajajajajaja…. Thanks to you, Jeff! Good outbursts of laughter always come well, mainly with this cold that we are having.

    Luck and Greetings!

    Commentary by Carmen Marquez
    22-01-2009 @ 12:27 p.m.

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