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Stew of cabin

In 1574, the Spanish army entered the city of Leiden, within the framework of the War of the Eighty years. After a long period of siege, the inhabitants began to be victims of the food shortage, and Guillermo de Orange went in his aid. Expelled the enemy troops, a tradition was born.

When leaving the city, the army left behind himself great amounts of potatoes that were during a time the main ingredient of the meals that they fed the population. Every year, commemorating these facts, the Hutspot is celebrated met klapstuk.

Hutspot is the name of a typical, of simple elaboration and ingredients, but extremely flavorful subject of gossip. Each 3 of October, the city in the heat of realizes east Stew of cabin in immense pots that soon leave by the streets to distribute portions to the inhabitants of Leiden.

Thus, the food, the brotherhood and history are united in a very special day. We see how the Hutspot is elaborated, an ideal prescription to invier them to us cruder.


Ingredients (4 people)

  • 4 onions
  • 500 gr. of potatoes
  • 500 gr. of carrots
  • 500 gr. of meat (traditionally, ox meat, but can be replaced by another type of red meat)
  • Butter melted to pleasure.
  • Parsley, salt and black pepper to pleasure.

Difficulty: average.


  • To boil the previously salty water meat.
  • To cook to moderate fire approximately 90 minutes.
  • To peel and to cut the onions in slices so that hoops can form.
  • To peel and to cut to the carrots and potatoes in dices.
  • When the 90 minutes of baking of the meat have passed, to add vegetables and to cook more during 45 minutes.
  • To retire the meat and to cut in dices.
  • To step on vegetables until a uniform puree is satisfied. Salpimentar.
  • To cover with melted butter and to ripen with abundant parsley.

Consejito: the ox meat can be replaced, but he is recommendable to do it by another type of bovine meat. Otherwise, it will be necessary to vary the time of baking, so that one does not become hardened.

Photo Via: Marions Kochbuch

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