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Puccini Bomboni and bici hoping to us was

Throughout the world, the Dutch chocolate enjoys the very good prestige. There are some who say that in some places of Holland the best chocolate can be obtained than know themselves, although are not few the cities that adjudge to resemblance title. Beyond the extreme comparisons, nobody can deny that the quality of the Dutch chocolate and its intense flavor are two appreciated properties good. We see where obtain a little, to return with the loaded suitcases good. But they do not forget to share!

Artichoc is one of the main chocolate stores of Amsterdam. It is almost entirely dedicated to this treat, although also other candies can be obtained. The aroma to cacao of the premises is first that it perhaps invades to us - or second, because the view usually is more golosa.

This immense box of chocolates sells the traditional tablets of mold, but also the “? divided “mosaics by hand clean?, so delicious and particular. With almonds, with nuts, targets, of milk and an infinite variety of all the imaginable fillings hope to us in Artichoc.

Puccini Bomboni is another one of the great chocolateros teachers with soothes in Amsterdam. Here the variable artisan chocolates can be obtained more, from the traditional ones to the realized ones with “author prescriptions?, that include all type of grass, spices, spirits and fruits. In addition, also we have the option to the inverse one: bathed fruits and drinks done with cacao.

And projecting to us towards the future, the aroma seems tempting more and more. Next, Amsterdam will be home of an exclusively dedicated thematic park… yes, to the chocolate. Inspired the book of Roald Dahl, carried out by Willi Wonka, famous thanks to the film, this park will abrirá its great and small doors. The fable world that will recreate will be located under earth, in an old railway tunnel that fell in disuse years ago.

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