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Railz Miniworld, Rotterdam

Railz Miniworld is a peculiar attraction of Holland, located in the city of Rotterdam. One is a model concerning a located railroad in a closed site. But it is not any railroad: in fact, it is the greatest model of all the country, and is able to astonish great and small the same.

This railroad circulating at a high speed is of course the greater attraction of Railz, but also there is another interesting facet extremely. Outdoors, it is possible to be observed the manufacturers in his factories, generating the pieces that comprise of the extensive routes and of the impressive city in miniature that is scene of the route that carries out.

Railz Miniworld can remember Madurodam to us, the city in miniature located in The Hague. Nevertheless, apart from which it was constructed in a different scale, Railz, has all the enchantment of its trains in movement and surely nostalgia will wake up of those who we played with models of young railroads when.

Altogether, about 100 different trains circulate around 2 kilometers of routes. They cross the imaginary city quickly, populated with buildings and cars, cross tunnels and bridges, within the framework of a succession of days and nights simulated by the lights of the place, that change every 24 minutes to allow us to observe the illuminated city.

Some pieces are easily recognizable for which they know the city of Rotterdam well: the bridge of ERASMUS, the New York Hotel, the Central station and the Hef bridge are some structures inspired by the real life that give to Railz a peculiar aspect, by their mixture of fiction and realism.

And to enjoy the visit to the maximum, nothing better than to realize a guided route, that allows to accede to parts of Railz Miniworld which they are not available for all the public. For it, it is necessary to realize a previous reservation.

Photo Via: Commons Wikimedia

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