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Each house is a world, say. And, generalizing, also it could be applied to the countries. Holland is, in many aspects, a world with thousands of things to discover. But what it more makes us feel tourists in any place of the world, it is the ignorance of local plates. Nothing else uncomfortable that to sit down in a restaurant and to indicate to him to the young man with the finger what we want to have lunch, later to take a surprise to us that not always is pleasant. Better to be come up: we make an express crossed by the main subjects of gossip of the Dutch gastronomy.

Rijsttafel, Dutch gastronomy

Rijsttafel, a delight of the indonesa influence.

Many think that one of the imperdibles experiences to visit Holland is to prove rijsttafel. Perhaps this must to that, due to its evolution in the time, this plate has varied so much that is possible to accompany it by almost any thing. In any case, it is elaborated with rice, and one uses in several plates, along with vegetables, vegetables, milk of the Coco, meats of diverse types, bird, fish, bananas and varied sauces.

Other two Dutch emblems are mussels to the white wine with chips and the herring, as much marinaded as crude. The soup of peas - Pea-, especially during times of low temperatures, is a food for the spirit. Usually it contains sausages, bacon and all type of vegetables.

The hour of the dessert probably one is of the most hoped by the lovers of the candy. Poffertjes is the name that receives crepes, they pannenkoekenhuizen and them - whose literal translation is “small houses of crepes? - are of the delights with greater popularity. Impossible to leave the country before proving a Vla: a type of cream that is offered in classic flavors, as vanilla, the chocolate and the india berry, but also in other typical ones, like hopjes-vla and bitterkoekjes-vla, delicious and difficult to compare with which one has tried on before.

Although this list only gathers some of the Dutch delights, is not a despicable instrument. They remember that to memorize a name at least it can be the salvation!

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