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Arnhem, capital of the Dutch province of Güeldres, was raised to the incredible border of the Rhine river and between and wonderful natural landscapes. Nevertheless, in spite of the wealth of the surroundings in which it is located, the city of Arnhem was during the past warlike of the country seen like a strategic place by the important bridges connect that it with other zones of the Netherlands. It took it to this until a terrible situation, falling victim of the terrible destruction that you can see in the following images.

John Frost, bridge in Arnhem

The bridge John Frost under waters


The city was reduced to rubbish during this war

It was indeed in Arnhem where the Market-Garden Operation took place, considered the air-terrestrial operation of more spread of II the World war and that was carried out by the European ground Allies. Luckyly nowadays, although still it is a painful memory, it has been only in that, a memory.


Aerial Vista of Arnhem, with the bridge John Frost already recovered in first plane

At the moment it is a paradise by which it is a pleasure to take a walk crossing leafy forests, visiting the different mills, or simply tasting the typical gastronomy in some of his cosy restaurants.

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