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22-03-2010 | Souto Alves

Museum Kroller Muller

We had already warned to you of the powerful and interesting tourist campaign (Cool Break) that for some months carries out the region of the Low Rhin to promote itself in different countries from Europe.

The Low Rhin is a transfrontier zone that includes part of the regions of Limburg and Brabant, besides Rivierenland, Veluwe and the regions of Arnhem and Nijmegen. That only in Holland: by Germany it is continued in which properly the Germans call Niederrhein.

The spring, superb occasion approaches to visit the Low Rhin. Not in vain its formidable one and respected nature are one of its assets, with long footpaths that journey between forests of non-evergreen and streams. Nevertheless, we now bring a perspective different from the natural one. The one that makes possible the artistic and cultural destinies.

The palace Het Loo, in Apeldoorn, surely is known by all you. Old real residence was turned into museum there per 1984. Their spectacular baroque gardens are counted between the great attractions of all Holland.

The archaeological park of Xanten, in the German part, is also a recreation of the Roman life of two thousand years ago. In this park are the rest of the Colony Ulpia Traiana, that outside one of the most important establishments of the imperial north.

Kröller-Müller museum. The museum and the national park Hoge Veluwe unite their recreational persistence to provide to the visitors the suitable rations of art and nature, of inner landscape and outer landscape. The museum has an important collection of go Gogh. While, the call garden of the sculptures will captivate to us.

Museum outdoors, in Arnhem. One is a living museum, of a reconstruction of a Dutch town of a century ago. We will find houses, mills, factories of beer old… everything very interesting and entertained. The presence of this historical museum in one of the Dutch cities is peculiar that underwent the consequences of World War II more.

Center of art of the Bosco, in Gives Bosch. It tries to be a front door to the outlandish universe of the Bosco and is located in one old church submissive a remarkable rehabilitation. To sum up, a destiny essential to know the complex personality and the exquisite art the great Dutch painter.

The Moyland museum-castle, of the Germanic side. Neogothic castle, Moyland lodges to permanent collection of Joseph Beuys, besides counting on space for temporary exhibitions. Their gardens are very beautiful and its Christmas swap-meet of is known dela region.

Really, six points of interest, four in Holland and two in Germany, with which to enjoy a been thankful for and revitalizante destiny that, by so many reasons, is worth the trouble.

Photo via: artelista

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  1. Every time I am learning more of this beautiful country.
    It is not like me have said some people to it who have traveled there, but is more beautiful than they imagine, which happens is that as all country has their pro and its cons, it is logical, I hope to visit someday, greetings

    Commentary by David
    23-03-2010 @ 3:28 p.m.

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