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Picture of Edward Hopper

Edward Hopper does not offer the excuse to visit Rotterdam. Taking advantage of the location the Kunsthal, we will give to a return by that zone from the city to the side of the Maas river, admiring the bridge whose name remembers the prodigal son to us of Rotterdam and approaching to us, if we have time, until a South shore that, seen in lontananza, certain cause perplexity. First of all, brush-strokes on Edward Hopper (1882-1967).

American painter, friend of the lines and the right angles, clear and clean panoramas and shades chromatic, perspective geometrizadas in which the human figures are sheltered, other people's to the sentimentality as much as to the abstract painting, end up drawing up, with all those elements, a testimony of the increasing neglect of the modern man in means of daily technique.

Their paintings, personally, we like and sometimes until we like much. The light of its pictures, of so diaphanous, resembles infantile. In any case, that touch that announces the explosion of cómic in the arts has I pull ahead strangely seductive…

The retrospective one happens in the Kunsthal. Is the Kunsthal patito ugly of the triangle excelso of museums of Rotterdam? These museums occupy a green and ample space near the river. Perhaps with respect to the question, it would not agree to desenfocar. It is certain that the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen is one of the great galleries of Holland, as far as the quality of its oils, along with the Rijkmuseum.

And that the third party in heddle, the Institute of Architecture is, besides a remarkable building, perhaps the best museum of architecture and, mainly, design of the world, which is not to be strange if we throughout consider the innovating paper of the city of Rotterdam in the field of urbanism and the architecture century XX (you remember the houses bucket).

But the Kunsthal is a mayestático museum, and the exhibition on Hopper demonstrates therefore it. Clarified possible entuerto, fed the spirit, it will be necessary now to feed the body and the imagination. Not very far from the tripleta of museums is the Euromast, in Parkhaven. The Euromast is a privileged viewpoint that counts on a vertiginous elevator. In addition, above there is a restaurant to satiate the hunger or to induce sleep the vertigo.

When lowering of the Euromast we will be near “old? the red bridge, the Willemsbrug. Nevertheless, we will prefer to walk, course arrives, towards Bridge ERASMUS. Inaugurated in the 90, it is today the symbol of Rotterdam. On its feet, in the North slope, the wharf of the Spido is located, that offers cruises by the greater port of the world.

Crossing the bridge we arrived at the Kop van Zuid, the completely renewed South shore. There futurist building designed by Renzo Piano, the KPN is raised. Also the Luxor Theater, that coexists with relics of the past like the New York hotel, old soothes of the Holland America Line. Calm night watchman and, the hotel, crossed by stops and modern neighbors, seems to be saying to us: to see who is the dandy that removes to me from here. Then that.

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