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Their beauty, its size and its proximity to the main tourist attractions of the city, make of the Vondelpark the most popular park of Amsterdam. It receives his name of the poet and dramatist Joost Van den Vondel, born in resident Germany but during almost all their life in Holland.

Whenever a sun ray reaches the Earth in these regions of the planet, the Vondelpark will be overwhelmed with visitors, who take a walk by their footpaths sharing the joy and the astonishment before the beauties that offer. Local as as much tourist they enjoy the enchantment of its gardens the same.

The footpaths for cyclists are a classic infaltable. In Amsterdam, like in all Holland, the bicycle is the means of used transport more, and the cicloturismo is an excellent option to cross the city.

In addition, the Vondelpark counts on or museum outdoors exclusively dedicated to the cinema. Also an estate for concerts is located inside its limits that are developed during the nights of summer. Three great coffees outdoors complete the supply of entertainments, that congregates on a daily basis to hundreds of visitors.

Smallest also they adore this park. The enclosure with games for children is the ideal place so that they enjoy the stroll by Amsterdam. For the adults, concerts of jazz, film projection and African music are the most popular spectacles.

In 1865, architect L.D. Zocher was the one in charge to design the 8 hectares that composed the park. Its work gave like result a so natural and colorful site that it allows to move away of the citadino activity and to submerge in the nature of the gardens. Pools, small barren islands and turf form a traditional English style.

The same year was abierto to the public, that could enjoy DES long walks and strolls to horse. Today, they are the 48 hectares of surface that covers the park. The vegetation, conformed by hundreds of different species, and a fauna of small anxious and likeable animal, recreates a natural landscape perfectly.

If you want more information on this wonderful park visits its Web, Vondelpark.

Photo Via: Flickr

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  1. The day of the queen is worth the pain to give a return by the Vondelpark, also in summer is ideal to go with a towel and to ease up to take the sun, the Dutch do not have repairs in putting the bath suit!

    Commentary by Meri
    29-09-2008 @ 9:56 p.m.

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