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Gardens of Appeltern

The Gardens of Appeltern are considered like the unique park in Holland that offers information on the gardening and considering the fact that it is supported by all the independent organizations dedicated to the horticulture, it is very certain. Briefly, if to a person it likes much the style of the plants of a place of the park, it is possible to be advised to him it does so that it in his own house.

In all the heart of Holland, between the Mosa rivers and the Waal, that is an arm of the Rhine, and in the middle of the cities Tiel, Nijmegen and Oss, is the small population of Appeltern, where their gardens are from 1992, which it is the unique informative park of Holland with more 170 models.

When walking between the hundreds of gardens of the park of Appeltern, one goes away of a surprise to the other. Each garden has different characteristics and all are unique in their style. There are gardens for the city, the balconies, the water sources, the patios; etc., as well as styles that go from the English to the Eastern one happening through those of farm.

There the visitors also can be delighted watching the greatest collection of plants of Holland, in incredible adjustments that are organized by colors and have all class of ornamental combinations. Besides this there are decorations done with plants, others with flowers and works that seem true works of art. So one recommends the visitors to take his time and to watch all the things that there are in exhibition.

Gardens of Appeltern

Many lovers of the plants and the flowers, as well as those that want to take inspiration for their gardens can take a walk by more than 170 models than they are there. But in addition it has spectacular views that make that it is a relaxed experience, by the incredible location of the park with landscapes towards the rivers and their nature.

Every season is a new experience in the Gardens of Appeltern by the change in the plants and flowers, in addition every month del is developed to a new subject, that around to events and factories are developed. And after walking awhile, it is possible to be gone to the several coffees that there are in the outskirts to continue enjoying the atmosphere next to a coffee cup.

Photos Via: Gardens of Appeltern

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