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Lately it seems that we did not leave Amsterdam but what one is going away to him to do if it deserves it to the occasion. We hope to travel to the borders of Holland for the next one. Before, nevertheless, still an escape will be necessary towards the great museum of Amsterdam.

Because the Rijksmuseum is prepared to receive the spring with an exquisite exhibition, of which they cheer the eye to us of the spirit. Masterpieces on the paper: Tulips in Amsterdam, thus say the title of the sample, effective until the month of June.

One is a very remarkable series of drawings whose central subject is the tulips in their great variety of forms and colors. The Rijksmuseum mainly has rich, rich collections (that sumiller would say) with respect to the painting of the XVII (without going more far: Rembrandt, Vermeer…). Then, of that flavorful bottom that is to him own it extracts the museum the engravings offered in this exhibition.

Thus single tulips and in pair, ramilletes of tulips are observed, altogether choral and until allegorical. One of jewels of the sample, on the other hand, is a catalog species unusual of century XVII, the wonderful book of Jacob Marrel on the tulips.

Without a doubt, the work of Marriel is an eccentricity. The books on tulips, of similar time, are rather little even in Holland. The 80 pages of this work, in addition, are printed of colorful and beautiful units whose strange names had to surprise, by force, to the possible buyers: Spinnekoop (Head of Spider), the Beautiful Sultana or the Count of Flanders.

But, to sum up, the Rijksmuseum offers a list to us of precious drawings of the spiky bulb flower. In addition, for the occasion, more tulips in the gardens of the museum have stood. Among them, the black tulip Ayaan.

In case outside little we remembered, you that the next week, like every year now, the doors of the Keukenhof are abren, reason why the exhibition of the Rijksmuseum has united its destiny to the one of the most famous Dutch floral park: from the 16 of March, the same ticket will serve so much to enter the museum as to embriagar itself with perfumes of the spring in the Keukenhof. Bravo!

Photo via: wskg.typepad

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