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The small town of Kinderdijk, near Rotterdam, lodges the greater collection of wind mills of the Netherlands. They are a total of 19 mills, almost all of them of half-full of century XVIII, that appear in a row throughout a channel in the form of L. From 1997, Kinderdijk comprises of the cities Patrimony of the Humanity by UNESCO, and their wind mills are one of the most interesting attractions of the south of Holland.

Although it is possible to be arrived at Kinderdijk in car, bus, visits guided or in ferry from Rotterdam, today we want to you to recommend another form to arrive to the wind mills. One is the Nehalennia, an old boat that throughout offers cruises between Rotterdam and Kinderdijk the year.

On board the Nehalennia, from Rotterdam, we will spend one hour sailing through the Maas river, to Kinderdijk, disembarking next to the wind mills during one hour, for next, to return in boat to the city. The excursion lasts three hours altogether, and it offers the opportunity to us of a very interesting cruise. You want to know the details practitioners to take the Nehalennia more.


Since the beginning of April until November, the Nehalennia every day realizes the passage, except Mondays, with exits to the 10,45 and 14,15 hours. Of the 15 of November until the end of February there is a series of supplies known like Weekend of winter, all the Sundays to the 13,00 hours, that include a food on board.

Starting point

The Nehalennia cruises that go until Kinderdijk leave Boompieskade, the wharf that there is under the marine stroll of Rotterdam. The ticket office is next to the water, to about 250 meters of Bridge ERASMUS.

Tickets and Reserves

In 2009 tickets 13.50 Euros for the adults and 11 Euros for the children between 4 and 11 years cost. The minors of four years travel free. The weekend excursions that winter, that includes the food on board, are a 50 percent more expensive than the normal ticket.

It is a good idea to reserve our cruise in advance, especially if we have thought to do it in some weekend or during the high season. It is possible to be called to telephone +31 (0) 10-2183131, or buying it before in the ticket offices of the port or any Office of Tourism of Rotterdam, or visiting the page Web and filling up a form.

To eat and to drink

The Nehalennia counts on a bar, whereas a waiter happens once or twice during the cruise, in case we want to request something. Also foods when arriving at Kinderdijk can be bought.

To return in bus or train

If you want quedaros more time in Kinderdijk, soon you can return to Rotterdam in the bus number 90, that is taken in a shutdown that there is to the entrance of Kinderdijk. The passage is of 35 minutes, it will leave and you in the station of train of Lombardijen, in Rotterdam. The train follows until the central station of Rotterdam, and even until the one of Amsterdam.

Photo Via Boerhaavextern

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