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Cicloturismo, bicycles, Holland

The bicycles are in Holland an indispensable element in the life of their inhabitants and the vacations of their tourists. The geographic conditions of the territory do of this means perhaps the most indicated to cross cities and towns constantly, discovering the captivating beauty of their landscapes and their fantastic attractions.

The network of national footpaths that furrows all the Dutch territory is sample of the pre-eminence of the cycling as it deports and like means of transport in Holland. The short distances between the cities and the rather level land of all their extension are two decisive factors in the adoption of the bicycle between journeys those who it. Nothing less than 20,000 kilometers of exclusive tracks, with an own system of traffic lights and routes especially signalized with information about the distances of separates the points of greater interest allow to choose the most suitable ways without losing a single detail of this beautiful country.

In order to rent a bicycle in Holland he is recommendable to do it in the stations of train. The prices go up to around the 6 Euros, and is necessary to leave to some membership card and a deposit in cash. Once with bici, a guide will be necessary: in the tourism offices provincial guides can acquire themselves who cost around 10 Euros.

If the passage is too long and turns out advisable to cross some distances in train, is necessary to consider that the transport of bicycles without restrictions only extends between the months of July and August. The rest of the year, the days of the week cannot in the morning be traveled with bicycles between the 6,30 and the 9,00 and between the 16,30 and the 18,00 of afternoon, because they are those of greater circulation of passengers. Also it will be necessary to buy a ticket for the bicycle, of 6 Euros, that are valid throughout the day.

If you prefer nonembarcaros single in the adventure, is possible to contract guided routes. Between the known companies more is the Bike Spain Tours, of Madrid. The routes last one week and they are realized in hulls adapted for the comfort of the cicloturistas. They leave Amsterdam with 25 passengers on board, with guides who speak English and Dutch, although without a doubt will be people who know Spanish on board.

On the other hand, to fly until the Dutch capital you do not let pass the wonderful supplies that make your available, as much of cheap flights Barcelona Amsterdam like of cheap flights from Madrid to Amsterdam.

To pedalear!

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