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Noord Holland is a zone that it invites to think about how it arose, about his History, in the incessant fight of Holland to take terrain to the sea, in the construction of docks… but also in the strolls by his historical cities, their strengths, pólderes or its museums.

Beemster to polder

Here you have a selection of the ten better visits in Noord Holland, places that like good tourists, we do not have to lose to us:

  1. Beemsterpolder. Leeghwater is one of those Dutch typical places of great prairies that are intermingled with pólderes and that in addition has been declared Patrimony of the Humanity by UNESCO. In the neighborhoods, in addition, it is possible to be visited Eilandspolder and towns like Of Pijp and Graft.
  2. Amterdam. Evidently, the Dutch capital is our center bases, and we have already spoken to you enough of her, but we had until now not mentioned who the fortifications of Amsterdam also have been declared Patrimony of the Humanity.
  3. Volendam. He is one of those likeable towns that the pain deserves to visit only due to introducing us in the most traditional culture of Holland. The visit always takes control jointly of Marken. While this one is a pueblito almost of story (sometimes, until it seems that it is counterfeited) Volendam is more commercial, and will happen pleasant awhile taking a walk among his typical stores.
  4. Naarden Vesting: it is a city strength that has star form.
  5. The great docks: One of the best visits than can be done is the one of the great docks. The dock Of Afsluitdijk offers spectacular views of the separation of the North Sea and Dutch earth.
  6. Enkhuizen: the Company of Indians had in this zone important establishments, like Hoorn and Enkhuizen, cities that can be visited by their historical importance.
  7. Aalsmeer: in this Dutch city the indicated visit more is the one of the morning auction of flowers. It is a visit really peculiar and worthy to remember.
  8. Haarlem: it has the oldest museum of Holland, the Teylers Museum.
  9. Museum de Cruquius, also in Haarlem, where is the installation of industrial pumping that was used for the creation as more important pólder of the city.
  10. Grootschermer, Beeldentuin museum, a captivating place by its landscapes and sculptures.

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