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The Lagos Westeinderplassen

Aalsmeer is a especially well-known well-known city by its huge auctions of flowers. And, as we know, the flowers are an undisputed emblem of Holland. Located hardly 13 kilometers to the southwest of Amsterdam, this locality is an excellent destiny to venture itself independently to an excursion.

The territory of Aalsmeer limits with the Lagos Westeinderplassen, that is characterized to constitute water the greater mirror open of the region of Randstad (that extends by Southern Holland, Northern Holland, Flevoland and Utrecht). Also the channel of Ringvaart demarcates its geography.

Considered the world-wide capital of the flowers, this is without doubts an inescapable reference when speaking of Aalsmeer, but she is not the unique one. As much the Lagos as the historical gardens is interesting proposals to enjoy this strategic enclave, very near the airport of Schiphol.

The historical gardens are a luck of so colorful museum and cheers that at first it costs to us to think that really is relating to us the past and the development of the horticulture in the city. Its route initiates in the arboriculture of century XVII, for which it invites to us to know trees, shrubs and old varieties of roses ornamental, that at first sight are from exotic aspect.

The Westeinderplassen, or Lagos Westeinder, is the perfect site to practice surf, navigation or to occur a good dip and even to refresh in their waters. There boats can be rented and also to take a walk by the Vrouwentroost park, with facilities to organize picnic.

Prote'ge's like natural reserve, these Lagos conform an ecosystem of great wealth as far as their biodiversity, so that the lovers of the birds will be able to enjoy to their wide ones making sighting of the most peculiar species.

Practical information on the historical Garden

      · Address: Uiterweg 32 - 1431 AN, Aalsmeer

Photo Via: Jachtverhuur Atlantis

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