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One of the main emblems of Rotterdam is its port, often mentioned like the Door of Europe. The calm waters that border their coast are ideal for strolls in boat, that offer in variety and amount there. Next, some of most outstanding.

Port of Rotterdam, boat pancakes

The “boat of the pancakes?, a delicious stroll.

Nehalennia is a boat of passengers on board who it is possible to be enjoyed a fantastic route that leaves from downtown. Throughout the trip, a guide offers interest information about the main points of tourist attraction of Rotterdam. While the boat sails by the river Nieuwe Maas, it turns out wonderful to relax and to observe the gorgeous landscape that the bridges form that stand out against the sky of the dusk.

Through Lek river, the cruise continues towards Kinderdijk, that appears in the World-wide Monument list of the United Nations. There one disembarks, and this unique place can be explored during one hour. The wind mills are a forced visit, with an incredible history that listening of mouth of the miller who inhabits the zone.

Pannenkoekenboot, or boat of the pancakes, offers a stroll that, as it says his name, especially is dedicated to prove the amount of pancakes that is desired. There are them of all the pleasures: with ham, cheese, fruits, chocolate, apple and bacon. The fruit juices will abound to accompany these delights.

Another interesting option is the one that leaves from Bridge ERASMUS, on board Spido, thought to enjoy the most surprising views of the architecture of Rotterdam. The New York Hotel, the Euromast tower and the colorful port of Veerhaven are some of the sites that will be able to be photographed from the boat. The DVD system will inform about the places that are observed. The trip lasts 75 minutes.

Spido also offers a stroll extended by the port to visit the active zone of Botlek. In July and August, there is Tours available that the Works Delta and the Europoort include: it is an ideal time to enjoy waters of Rotterdam and the landscapes of dream that unfold around to his.

Practical information on Kinderdijk

  • Schedule: 10:45 and 14:15 hs.
  • Days: all the week, except Mondays.
  • Dates: of the 5 of April to the 28 of September of 2008.
  • Price: adults, 12,50 Euros; children of 4 to 12 years, 10 Euros.
  • Reserves in line:

Practical information on Pannenkoekenboot

  • Schedule: 16:30 and 18:00 hs.
  • Days: of Wednesday to Sunday.
  • Price: adults, 22,50 Euros; children of 3 to 12 years, 17,50 Euros.
  • Site in line:

Practical information on Spido

  • Price: adults, 8,75 Euros; smaller children of 11 years, 5,40 Euros.
  • Site in line:

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