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On the South creek of the channel Nieuwe Waterweg is the city of Hoek van Holland, a small harbor town with dream landscapes and interesting places that to visit. Very far from the anxious life of other regions of the country, this destiny offers moments of tranquility in gorgeous surroundings and afternoons of sun in its beaches or the cruises that arrive at their coasts.

Hard of Hoek van Holland

The fort of Hoak van Holland.

The port of Hoek van Holland is connected daily with the British Islands and belongs to the complex of the port of Rotterdam, with which it is connected by train. It transforms it to this into a site very concurred, where they do not lack leisure activities to realize. Many of the travelers who make the stop there usually enjoy behind schedule in the city taking a refreshment in some from the terraces that offer spectacular views of the environs, doing some purchases or crossing the streets decorated with trees artistic pruned, to visit the interesting monuments that the city lodges.

Among them, without a doubt it emphasizes the Fort of Hoek van Holland, an historical monument of more of a century of antiquity. It was constructed with defensive intentions, and at present it is possible to be acceded to know his interior, conformed by laberínticas combinations of stairs and numerous rooms.

Another one view that wakes up the curiosity of many, although of very different ways, is the giant chair that is located next to the channel Nieuwe Waterweg. One is a work of very peculiar art, and arrives at her in the way towards the beach. The beaches of Hoek van Holland are without a doubt one of the main attractions of the place, but during the high season the multitudes can be quite uncomfortable.

Finally, it is not necessary to stop visiting the Barrier of Maeslant, a construction that consists of two doors that, when closing itself, protect the city of the floods caused by storms and the consequent swellings of the North Sea, that has connection with the channel that arrives at Hoek van Holland.

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