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If we want to know the monuments most famous Holland, we begin our route by the Dam Place, located in the capital of Amsterdam. One is the point of contact for all that one that journeys by the city, and is that we could affirm that is the heart of the city. Then, we will find here to one of more important national monuments. We talked about to the solemn Obelisk of the Liberation or Monolith Travertino Marble, which has 22 meters of height and was constructed in 1956 by Dutch architect Jacobus Johannes Pieter Oud in tribute to those soldiers fallen during World War II.

Another remarkable architectonic monument within the city and that you do not have to stop visiting when trips Amsterdam, is the oldest church of the zone and Europe. We talked about the religious temple of Oudekerk (Old Church in Dutch), which was constructed in 1260 right in the center of the city. As peculiar data we told that this consecrated gothic church you in 1306 by the Archbishop of Utrecht, famous Rembrandt painter contracted nuptials with his here first wife. In order to arrive up to here we must go exactly until the district of Of Wallen, more known like the Red District, without a doubt the most tourist place of the city by the freedom in the sexual field that in him is allowed.

If we go away in the direction of Rotterdam, we can visit gothic and of stone Sint Laurenskerk or the Church of San Lorenzo, which more exactly shows the title of the oldest temple of the city because it was constructed between centuries XV and XVI, between years 1449 and 1525. In order to arrive at her we must go towards the historical center of the city.

You will notice that in her its great inner door stands out done of Bronze, as well as its baptismal batteries made in the same material and the tombs where the rest of famous navigators like Witte de With are rested.

In the same city we have the possibility of raising the stop of a modern monument to observe a general panorama of all Rotterdam. We talked about the Euromast, or futurist tower constructed by the end of the years 50´s by Hugo Maaskant, that allows the visitor to observe the city from another point of view. Without a doubt it is an excellent way to realize a stroll nocturne. It is worth the pain to mention that you can pass a romantic evening next to your pair while they drink a glass of champagne What seems to you? …

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