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The Hague

Certainly if we decided to plan a trip to Holland, many of you will think about Amsterdam. In this blog we come seeing that there are other many very interesting places to know. Indeed, many are the tourists who, when visiting Amsterdam, remain without knowing The Hague, that after all is the capital of the country.

If you are of that at the time of planning your trip to Holland you have thought to visit The Hague, we want to help a little to you so that you have all tied good. We are going to try daros tracks to arrive at The Hague of the possible simplest form.

- Car

To rent a car in Holland is a very interesting possibility, since we are in a country not too great, and we would not have to make many kilometers to cross it. In addition, thus we stopped being pending of schedules of trains, buses and others.

The Hague, like capital of Holland, perfectly is communicated with all the main freeways of the country. You will not have loss, since it is very well signalized. If you come from Amsterdam, for example, it is necessary to take a-4 freeway with The Hague direction, name in Dutch for names to The Hague.

- Airplane

Certainly many of you you will arrive at Holland in airplane. In order to arrive at The Hague you would have to make use of the Airport of Rotterdam, that is to little more than 30 kilometers of the Dutch capital. When arriving at the airport, the best thing is to take bus 33 until the center from Rotterdam, and once to take a train there until The Hague.

The Schiphol Airport of Amsterdam is another one of the possibilities, but it is a little more far, concretely to about 70 kilometers, perhaps although you find many more cheap flights here. From all ways, you can arrive there, take a bus until the city, and once there, also take a train until The Hague

- Train

Indeed the train will be one of the options that you use frequently in Holland, unless, as we said to you before, you rent a car. The Dutch trains are very effective, and the distances between the cities are not very ample.

For example, from Amsterdam to The Hague the train will not go beyond 50 minutes, leaving from the Central station of Amsterdam, and arriving at the Central station of The Hague. The price of tickets usually goes up to around the 9 Euros going, or 16.70 Euros roundtrip. The best thing is than the frequencies of the trains are very good, leaving every 15 minutes approximately.

As you see, he is not nothing complicated to arrive at The Hague from any point of Holland, mainly from Amsterdam. So, if you have occasion, daros an escape to The Hague. You have it much more near which you imagine.

Photo Via Rob Hogeslag

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