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Amstelkring museum

It already says to the proverb that to it that walks that way that it affirms that the appearances deceive, no. From outside it seemed to us more of those charming houses that there are in Amsterdam of century XVII, the majority of them nobiliary houses of old retailers who arrived here in search of fortune and that was constructed them throughout the channel.

Nevertheless, one of those houses keeps an admissible secret in its interior. In the floor superior of this house one old chapel is, with the ceilings wonderfully decorated with paintings, banks with capacity for 150 people, an altar and even until an organ. This third plant of the house was one of so many secret places of cult of the city during the Protestant Reformation and that took the name of Our Lady of the Attic.

Then the churches of Amsterdam were undressed practically of everything, and they were closed like the convents. The religious faith and offices had to celebrate thus, secretly in some hidden place in view of all. We were at the end of century XVI, and Amsterdam lived the Protestant Reformation totally.

The catholics of the city saw them and were desired to indicate you their faith. When all these prohibitions were countermanded in century XIX the majority of these hidden churches disappeared. Nevertheless it stayed to us as legacy this, constructed in 1661, and that thanks to its state of conservation became partly of a museum from 1888.

That museum is the Amstelkring Museum, one of oldest, peculiar and interesting of Amsterdam. It contains a magnificent collection of religious objects, besides sculpture and much platería. One is located in the Red District. The ground floor of the house contains furniture of centuries XVII to the XIX, property of the old retailer Jan Hartman.

The hall, scenery to the Dutch classic style, gives samples us of the wealth in which the great retailers lived on the Amsterdam of then. Tiles of Delft, a chimney and the wonderful ground in black and white conform an overwhelming set frankly.

As we said to you at the outset, the appearances deceive totally. From outside it is one more a house, but inside it keeps an hidden treasure. You are going away to be with the intrigue.

Additional information

· Address: Oudezijds Voorburgwal, 40
· Schedules: The Amstelkring Museum abre of Monday to Saturday from 10,00 to 17,00, and festive Sundays and of 13,00 to 17,00 hours. It closes the 1 of January and the 30 of April.
· Prices: Adults 7 Euros, Children of 5 to 18 years 1 Euro, smaller Children of 5 years free.

    How to arrive

    The Amstelkring Museum is on foot to only five minutes of the central station, and the nearer line of meter is the Niewmarkt. Also one is hardly to five minutes of the centric Dam Place.

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