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Mager bridge

Many are the attractiveness that a city like Amsterdam has. Many will be also the memories that you are engaged in of her in your trip. City of ample avenues, tulips, an unusual architecture, and channels and bridges, many bridges, more than 1,200 bridges.

I hope that you do not put yourselves to count all the bridges that the city has, since he is better to throw a look to him to some of them, mainly most interesting. A stroll in boat by its channels, as much by day as at night, is a good excuse for it. Some emphasize by their architecture, others by the buildings of the environs, and there are even them have traditions and legend that makes them still more attractive.

For example you have the bridge on the Herengracht Channel, to that we put of model of Dutch bridge classic, with its arcs, generally five, two to the smallest sides, and the one of in the middle something greater. The arcs usually are illuminated at night, for I base of the boats.

Most famous of Amsterdam it is perhaps the Magere Brug, or Thin Bridge, that in fact consists of a wood footbridge on the Amstel channel. Nevertheless, he is very llamativ, mainly at night, and one of greatest. The pair of enamored that is kissed when happening under this bridge, says that love will last for always. Superstitious.

One of most modern, with a quite futurist style, is the Phyton Bridge, that is placed in Eastern Harbor. Some inhabitants of Amsterdam have emphasized the little taste at the time of designing the bridge, others think that therefore it gives to the city a more showy and vanguardista character. You will say…

Phyton bridge

Closely together of this showy bridge there is small other much more and that, modern also, to me more charmer is. One is a typical pedestrian bridge, with his uneven lines. In fact the bridge is iron stairs, with its banister rails of uneven grates. He is not chic of the architecture, but very fashion.

Another one of the great bridges of Amsterdam is the one that it connects with Museum NEMO of Science. He is as modern as the Phyton Bridge, but perhaps not so strident. It is the typical footbridge, very similar to that we can see in any city. What it happens is that here the attraction is the museum, and the bridge is a little in the shade.

the classic bridges go to me much more, like for example the one that crosses the Voorburgwal channel, in center historical of the city. One is a constructed bridge in century XIX, and in the guides of you will see it to trips with the name of Makelaarsbruggetje, that in Castilian is something as well as the Small Bridge of the Intermediaries, since it was constructed for the passage of the tobacco retailers. He is very simple, very classic, the one that usually we see in almost all the photos of bridges of Amsterdam.

And thus we could be article after article speaking of the bridges of Amsterdam. We are trying to you to bring here those that we like more, or at least most showy. In the variety it is the taste, and on pleasures… A stroll by the channels is the best form to be able to contemplate them. It has more than 1,200, so…

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Photo 2 Via See Holland

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