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Light of Marken

One of great the attractiveness of a country as Holland is in the pintoresquismo of many of its towns and cities. It had always dreamed about enjoying those houses of aligned colors next to which it had seen in so many Dutch postal. They imagined to me almost small and of chocolate. Something as well as what I could see in a so wonderful and colorful place as Marken.

Marken is to only 22 kilometers to the north of Amsterdam, reason why is a very interesting excursion. Multicoloured houses of wood, channels, mills… everything what one imagines of Holland is in Marken. Memory with nostalgia the last visit that I did in this small city. Seated watching at the horizon and the sea, and back the straight figure of its light.

The Light of Marken was first that was constructed in Holland in century XVIII, although was not finished absolutely by Valk architect until 1839. The inhabitants of know it to Marken like Paard, that in Dutch means “horse literally?, say that due to the form that she has, since in the back part of the light there is back-to-back a small small house that simulates the back of the horse.

Nowadays this light no longer serves as guide as the boats that sail by the zone, although yes it is used sometimes special. This Horse of Marken is in the Eastern end of this small island. It has a height of 16 meters and its light can be seen a distance of 16 kilometers. National Monument in 1970 was declared.

He is impressive to see from the east highway light, as soon as connected to earth by a long and thin section. Most recommendable it is to approach him when the sea is calm. You watch if it from the heights, seems that the light is almost in the middle of the sea. Another spectacular moment is to see it winter in the heat of, when the water on its feet is an ice mirror.

It turns out peculiar to verify the range of colors of the light, with the white tower, a small cupola in the top of red color and back-to-back the white and black small house to his side. Fijaros soon when déis a stroll by Marken since there are many small houses in colors black and white. And it is that in Marken the life is of colors. You váis to lose this place in your escape to Holland.

Photo Via World Culture Pictorial

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