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The city of Volendam is the province of Noord-Holland - or Holland of the North, to 22 kilometers of Amsterdam and halfway between this last and Edam. One is a very typical town that maintains cheers its ancestral customs, thus is a very attractive tourist destiny, and one of the most visited of Holland.

Volendam, Province of the North, Holland

Commercial zone of Volendam

Originally, Volendam was the port of Edam, located on the Ijsselmeer river. In 1357, the inhabitants of Edam dug a channel and constructed a nearer port, consequently the previous one was unutilised. The left earth were occupied by farmers and local fishermen, who formed the community of Volendam.

The population and its culture strongly are connected with the Roman Catholic Church. Many missionaries and bishops grew in Volendam. Today, the town counts on the chapel of Our Lady of the Water, located in one of the parks of the city. For the festivals, the settlers dress their typical suits, and constitute a spectacle worthy to be seen. A small museum on the history of the place also exhibits a sample that picks up the particularitities of its clothes folkloric.

The wood houses guinea fowl of green are also traditional of the place. The city is crossed by narrow streets and narrow channels, and the houses of the fishermen exhibit pile shoes in front of the doors.

The port of Volendam allows the access by boat to the island of Marken, an island located to little distance of there. In the port, in addition, are the restaurants, that they offer great variety of fish, and at him the boats arrive every Saturday from fishing, that during one week were on the high seas. The eel and the herrings are their main conquests.

Practical information on the Museum of Volendam

  • Address: Zeestraat 37.
  • Schedules: of Monday to Sundays, 10 to 17 hs.

Popularity: 50% []

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  3. I will be an hour in Amsterdam by aerial scale, thinks that it can sleep in Volendam and do something (to take breakfast in those places outdoors) until the 8:30 a.m.

    Commentary by JOSE
    19-03-2009 @ 10:46 p.m.
  4. Good morning:

    Volendam is to very little distance of Amsterdam and has good communications; however, it seems to me precipitate too much that if you are few hours in Holland, you can, not only acercarte to Volendam, but in addition to sleep there, considering that to 8.30 a.m. you must throw for the airport of Schiphol.

    Another thing is that you rent a car, but you will have to fit the schedules of transports very well.


    Commentary by Javier Go'mez
    20-03-2009 @ 7:54 a.m.

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