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All the tourists who I know that they have traveled to Amsterdam, when know returning it clearly: to buy your entrances of the museums by Internet. It is a recommendation that we here gather now, mainly because you are going away to save tails in some cases of aúpa. Especially in the House Museum of Ana Frank, since there the tails I have gotten to see that they give the return to the apple.

You do not have any problem at the time of buying your entrances by Internet. Mainly of the House Museum of Ana Frank, the Rijksmuseum or the Museum Van Gogh. You do if it thus, nothing else to arrive at the entrance of these museums you will not have to wait for tail, but simply to teach your entrances, and to happen inside. Everything easy and much more simpler.

Because, imaginaros that rains, that usually is very normal and nothing strange in Amsterdam, even in summer, and you in a tail larguísima. If you had removed your entrance by Internet, that I can assure to you that he is very trustworthy, you would not have that problem. You decide the day that you want to visit the museums, you pay the entrance, and you imprimís and right away you have already them in small house. Without waiting for no tail.

In the pages Web of the Museum Van Gogh and the Rijksmusem they allow an ample margin you to date to make your visit, nevertheless in the House Museum of Ana Frank you must make specific your visit, since the access is smaller and therefore a little more limited.

Evidently, this is only if you have thought to travel to Amsterdam and to visit these museums of essential way. If you are not much of museums, daros a return and, if you see that there is not much tail, you can acercaros. Even so, the House Museum of Ana Frank is very recommendable at least.

You do not doubt, to remove it to your entrances by Internet in the page Web from the three museums. You will already have your entrances with you, and without needing waiting for tails.

Here you can buy your entrances:

· House Museum Ana Frank
· Museum Van Gogh
· Rijksmuseum

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