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Synagog of Groningen

Although the present synagog that can see in Groningen data of principles of century XX, the primitive one or could be seen in center of the city in the middle of the XVIII, although or there are writings that testify the presence of the synagog in 1691. One concretely was in the corner of Gedempte Zuiderdiep and at the moment the Folkingestraat street.

It can be that simply that one synagog was a small house, the one of the Leví Jozefs, since also there are historical references in which it is verified that the Jewish population met in Groningen without the permission of the civilian authorities.

Nevertheless, in century XIX the Jewish population in Groningen grew considerably, which in addition caused that the wealth of the city grew. This caused that a greater synagog was constructed one more, than is the one that we can see nowadays, the one that dates from the 23 of March of 1906, date of its consecration, builds of architect Tjeerd Kuipers.

One is a precious synagog of neoByzantine style, with neomoriscos elements. Fijaros when you are in front of her in the marks of the windows and tiles of the walls, since they show a clear inspiration Art Nouveau of the time. Peculiarly the unique Jewish influence can be appreciated in the columns, that were inspired by the Synagog of Toledo.

Many nowadays in Groningen still are wondered how it could leave without damages the synagog after the intense bombing that underwent the city in World War II. Later, in 1952, it was sold to happen to be a laundry company… (what they are the things…), before becoming a church. It was not but until 1973 when the idea seted out to give back its old splendor to him.

Finally, the 29 of November of 1981 again abrió their doors like the Synagog of Groningen. Nowadays not only it serves to give capacity to the Jewish cult, but also different exhibitions and concerts are celebrated in her. Among them a permanent exhibition on the history of the Jewish town, especially those that lived and live in Groningen.

Nor that to say has it Synagog of Groningen is one of those monuments that you must visit in your stay in Groningen, whether you are interested in Jewish history as if no.

Photo Via JP Dewitt

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