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Utrecht is the smallest city of Holland - if we do not consider to Madurodam, from then, but their streets of pictorial beauty overflow with interesting places to know. Next, some that would not have to lack during a trip to Utrecht.

Cathedral of Utrecht

Cathedral of Utrecht.

The historical helmet of the city lodges imposing medieval houses, churches, galleries and museums that are combined with restaurants and ideal coffees to rest and to relax during the stroll. The most important museums of the city less than are to fifteen minutes on foot - the Railway Museum of the Netherlands, the Museum of the University Hortus Botanicus, the Central Museum, the Native Museum of the Art, the National Museum of the Clock Musical and Organillos-.

The Cathedral of Utrecht is highest of all the country, with a tower that reaches the 120 meters of height. In 1380 it was crowned by a beautiful octagonal lantern, and can be visited until the top. He is interesting to accede to the Kloostergang, a cloister of the century XIV that unites to the cathedral with the room to capitulate, and that today is part of the local university.

The house of Rietveld Schröder, of century XX, is a remarkable architectonic monument, patrimony of the humanity of UNESCO from 2000. Gerrit Thomas Rietveld was its architect and designer in 1924 and Mrs. Truus Schröder-Schräder lived there until her death in 1984: from both its name receives the house. Red, blue and yellow they are the predominant colors, since Rietveld followed the principles architectonic of the movement Of Stijl. The interior and the furniture, also designed in the primary colors, were work of Rietveld.

On the other hand we found the line of water, or Waterlinie Dutch, that was a defense mechanism that worked during the floods. It was constructed between 1815 and 1885 and it consists of 46 strengths. Passed World War II, the construction lost its military character and received major relevance the areas of scenic beauty surround that it.

During September, in Utrecht it takes place the national month of the strength, when the constructions are abiertas to the public and special activities are organized: exhibitions of art, visits guided and demurrages during one night to even wake up on the following day and to receive the breakfast that used the soldiers.

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