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Carnival of the Maastricht

For that they wish to live the experience on one of the best carnivals of Holland, we recommended the one to you of the city of the Maastricht, that is celebrated in February. The celebration begins with the hoisting of the flag and the gun firings. These firings are carried out of the Maastricht in center, in the Vrijthof place. It is the beginning of three holidays without stopping.

An impressive parade of marches. People are everywhere, in any street, any place. The bars are filled, as much by day as at night. The full Maastricht of life and diversion. Music and the beer do not pause. Concerts in direct, DJ' s and contests of dance. The good occasion is worth the trouble.

But the also full Maastricht of color, with the suits, disguises and masks. It is the moment at which their inhabitants and visitors feel the freedom to share the joy yet the world.

The Carnival of the Maastricht is perhaps one of most important of the Netherlands. Sunday begins and lasts until Tuesday, although for some a little lasts more. It is custom in the Maastricht, after Wednesday of Ash, to eat bread with herring, traditional biete heering. This custom is catholic, since Wednesdays of ash usually do not eat meat.

The celebration, like tenth you, lasts three days and three nights. Of all ways, you do not have because meteros completely in the celebrations if absolutely you are not interested. You can go of celebration, and soon iros of tourism to rest a little. The intention is you pass that it well in the city and you enjoy all the activities that are carried out. The celebration is in the streets of the Maastricht. To enjoy them.

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